Over the last 10 years RapidAdvance has provided over a billion dollars to small businesses. In 2015 I partnered with Rapid to help re-think the brand experience across their physical and digital channels. Collaborating directly with Rapid and it’s customers, we established an elevated brand experience that connected stronger to small businesses and their incredible owners. 

Simple Financing




Rapid Advance

Art Direction, UI/UX Design, Advertising


Exploring the user journeys we discovered that both new and existing
customers found it difficult to understand the difference between
product offers. We began solving this issue by first simplifying the
number of core product offerings.




Next, we ensured each product page provided customers with greater
story telling and details about each financing option. Here we focused on
creating financial transparency around each product in order to help
build trust between the client and the brand at every step.


With the brand vision now focused on becoming a trusted ally for small
business owners, we began work on a series of digital products that would
help improve the lives of customers and build loyalty. The core Rapid user
is typically on-the-go, using various methods to manage their business. With
this in mind, we knew we had to provide users with products that could
adapt to the challanges of each day. 


Behind small businesses are unique stories of entrepreneurship, dreams
and hard work. Bringing these stories to life on an emersive digital platform
allowed us to create deeper connections within customers and tell the story
of the true champions who matter most.